Personal Revelation

The following talk by Denver, discussing personal revelation, was originally given on August 16th 2008, in Sandy, Utah.

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Sneak Preview – SPANISH/ENGLISH Lectures on Faith, RE Edition!

Now available in Spanish for the first time, the Spanish/English Restoration Edition of the Lectures on Faith is available in hard cover here:

Over 2 years in the making, this is the most faithful and accurate Spanish translation of Lectures on Faith ever produced. Also included in this volume is the Restoration Edition of Lectures on Faith in the original English, which was painstakingly compiled from the original manuscripts, making both the Spanish translation and the original English text available to nearly 500 million native Spanish speakers and mixed Spanish/English households worldwide.

If you have Spanish-speaking friends or family, this may be a great way to introduce them to great truths about faith as it relates to God the Father and His son Jesus Christ!

Please note: This is a sneak preview – only the Hardcover edition is available today. The softcover will be available with the official launch soon. Enjoy!