NEW BOOK: In Their Own Words – A History of the Removal of Section 20

This is the comprehensive history of the removal of D&C Section 20 from the Teachings & Commandments, and the development of the Statement of Principles subsequently adopted in September, 2018 as a “Guide and Standard” to be included in the new Restoration Edition of the Scriptures. It consists of a compilation of the full text of every version of the Statement of Principles submitted to the Scripture Committee, together with written statements submitted or posted – at the time and in their own words – by those involved with the effort.

More than four years later, that document causes relief and rejoicing in some, feelings of pain and misunderstanding in others, and darkness and confusion in yet others. While some would like to believe that this piece of Remnant history resides in the past, it is clear from ongoing conversation that this story has not yet been put to rest.

This compilation was undertaken in an effort to bring some clarity and understanding to those who didn’t actively participate in the process or were not part of the remnant body as this unfolded during 2017-18, and provide additional context for those who were involved in (or at least aware of) the process at the time.

Compiled by Lori Larsen, Editor. Now available in hardback on

One thought on “NEW BOOK: In Their Own Words – A History of the Removal of Section 20

  • Is it not possible to make this material free online? I do understand the time and sacrifice involved in gathering and compiling it all, but I guess I thought something like this would be freely available. Or maybe there is already a plan to do that. I am grateful for the effort. Not sure the impact it will have, but hopefully only love and understanding toward each other will be the fruits.

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