Denver Snuffer Podcast Volume 3

The book version of the Denver Snuffer Podcast, Volume 3 (2020-2021) has been released! It includes episodes 100-150, plus an extensive index to help you locate critical passages from the podcast. PLEASE NOTE: Seventeen (17) of these episodes include new material! You can get it in hard cover or paperback here:

Hard Cover

This volume covers a wide range of topics, including:
– Love
– Forgiving Others
– Renewal
– Nature
– Zion People
– The Sabbath Day
– The True Vine
– God Forgives
– One Heart First
– Precious
– Numbered Among
– Foolish and Wise
– Marriage
– Being Harmless
– Adoption
– Equality
– Commune with Christ
– Government of God
– Shem
– Testimony of Jesus

From the back cover:

Mankind cannot believe the Bible to be true and then rule out the possibility that God is going to do something preliminary to His Second Coming to prepare the world. That message is embedded right into both the Old and the New Testament. The purpose of the prophecies of the New Testament and the rescuing of mankind by the Lord is something that necessitated a return of the original authority directly from Heaven. That, in fact, has begun. In its recommencement, there are a number of prophecies that have to be fulfilled in order for the Lord to keep His promises before His return in glory to judge the world. God not only intends to keep those promises, but He is in the present act of keeping them.

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