DENVER’S COMPLETE BLOG – Now Available in 8-Volume Hardback Book Series, Plus Full Index

FROM THE DESK OF DENVER SNUFFER – The complete content of Denver’s blog has been made available in hardcover book format, including a full index of terms. The current volumes include everything Denver posted from February, 2010 through September, 2022. It also includes comments and Denver’s responses to comments, which in many cases have doctrinal significance.

This comprehensive desktop set of eight (8) full volumes plus a separate index volume is available here on As additional blog entries continue to be posted, we expect to add additional volumes in the future, along with an updated index as each successive volume is released.

If you already have some of the former “Remembering the Covenant” book series, you may have noticed that they render only some of Denver’s blog, in an edited format and without comments or responses. It was published over 10 years ago, in March, 2013, and does not contain any of the material Denver posted over the past 10 years. In contrast, the “from the Desk of Denver Snuffer” series contains all blog posts, all relevant comments to which Denver responded, and those responses. They are preserved in full, spanning the entire duration of the blog (now 13 years of material and growing), with a complete index of terms. Additional volumes and an updated index will be added in the future as needed.

We encourage you to consider preserving the contents of Denver’s blog in this way, for your own family as well as for those who may come later.

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