Our God is a God of Miracles!

Hello. My name is Chris, and my wife and I currently live in Japan. I am “blogmaster” of this little spot.  I have a very recent and important experience I’d like to share with you.

I recognize the hand of God in all things. I testify he works miracles on behalf of his children.

Last Monday, at shortly before 2:00 pm. we heard a “whuff” sound, and a thump against the house, not unlike some of the gusts of wind that come down the canyon on occasion, so we thought nothing of it. At exactly 2:05 pm, a person we’d never seen before, who happened to be in the area working on… something… no one actually knows who he and his two compadres were… came to our door shouting FIRE FIRE FIRE!

I ran out the door of the house. Around to the next house, which is vacant. I could hear a roar, and see smoke from behind the house. I ran to the upper side of that house and could see serious flames in the center section, on the side away from our house. I ran back to grab a hose in an effort to at least slow it down, but I could see that would be futile. I took the hose to the door on the side of the house facing ours, and within just those few seconds, flames burst the windows in the door. I shot the hose in the door, but that was futile as well, and I knew our house was in trouble. It’s scarcely 25 feet from that house to ours. Meanwhile neighbors gathered and started taking valuables out of our house and shuttling them down the street, while my wife moved the cars and did a lot of panicking.

I started hosing down the side of our house. Almost immediately it started to put off steam, in part because of the cold temps (about 35) and in part because of the growing heat from the fire next door. I had one hose on one end of the house, and grabbed another from the other side of the house, and ran back and forth several times, putting water on the house… until the heat became too unbearable, then I would retreat for a bit, and then go back to the hoses. At one point, there were flames coming from the clapboard on the eaves of our house, and I thought we’d lost it. I put up water until the heat was unbearable. Then, one of the three guys no one knew came, and picked up the hose as I left. I ran out to the street to see the fire trucks pull up, and noticed that the flames on our house were out. Then, the fire hose was engaged, and our house was doused with water and foam, and was saved.

Now, here’s the miracle, or series of them. First, on any of the previous several Mondays, I would have been miles away helping a friend of mine build his barn, as is our usual Monday routine, but Monday’s weather was snowy and cold, and very windy, so we canceled. Second, those three guys just happened to be in the neighborhood and noticed the fire. Third, the fire at this point is thought to have started at the breaker box. The house is old, and has been vacant for several years. However, the owner has been there off and on the past several weeks doing some repairs, in an effort to make it livable again, and in April had intended to use it as a second home, for his kids and grandkids to visit. Apparently there was a brief power outage overnight last night or early this morning. It seems that although the owner usually turns the power off at the house, since he’s been there a lot lately, he left the breaker on this time, and when the power came back on this morning, it surged the main breaker, that was old, dusty and out of use, and caused it to smolder or ignite. However, it did not catch fire until mid-day, when people were around to notice it. If not, for example if it had happened immediately, we were all asleep. Our bedroom is on that side of the house- no telling what might have happened had we been asleep when the fire started. Fourth, our house was on fire. Then it was not. I had put as much water on it as I could, but the heat was too much and I had to leave. I had a small burn on my hand, my lips were burned, and my head hair was singed. When you see the photos, you’ll see that the house had literal flames on it. Then, it didn’t. Either that guy mysteriously withstood that heat and put out the flames, or a gust of wind (?) or something. Because it was on fire. Then it wasn’t. Before the fire hose started. You tell me? Fifth- you may notice a tank in the photos right next to the house. Which is full of healing oil. Which did not ignite, explode, or even say a naughty word…

Anyway, after that, I was able to go back and continue to douse the side of the house, which was still in considerable danger, while fire department worked to knock down the big fire. They also doused our sidehouse/barn thing with foam, and inspected every inch of both house and barn for signs of fire, and found none. Our house suffered some damage- melted siding, broken windows… the heat was so intense it melted implements inside our kitchen… but the house still stands. By the Grace of God our house still stands. I am on the Restoration Archives Project, and one of our Archive Stores, which includes scripture, Denver books, and more, is in this house. The neighbors did not know to save that stack of books, so it was left inside the house. I feel that this is a testament to the importance of our work- that this collection of records and writings was preserved.

We feel we have been led to be in this place. We know our house and our Archive was protected by the hand of God. We thank our Lord and God for their protection and watchful hand in all things. We pray for further light and knowledge about our purpose for being in this place, the existence of said purpose being verified by today’s events.

And in nothing doth man offend God, or against none is his wrath kindled, save those who confess not his hand in all things, and obey not his commandments.

Verily I confess. WE CONFESS!

Can clearly see where the wood was on fire here.
Looking at the devastation of the other house, I count us as blessed to have our house still up… windows are small compared to total loss!

Anything plastic melted, wood burned or scorched. I really believe an act of God kept our house from burning.

Fire at its peak – it was an angry fire on a very windy day. Next day, my wife found many ember holes in my clothes…


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