Other Sheep Indeed Update!

The transcript of the Denver Snuffer talk entitled “Other Sheep Indeed,” given at last summer’s Sunstone Symposium (July 29, 2107) has been completed, and is now available in the Restoration Archives Project Library.

Simply visit the library, click on the Denver Snuffer button, and scroll down to “Other Sheep Indeed.” You’ll see a button for “Transcript.”

This transcript is a written version of what Denver actually said at the symposium, as opposed to the long-version paper which he prepared, and which is also available on the library. Frequently, Denver will deliver a talk, which does not contain all of the material he wished to present on that topic. He will prepare a long-form paper on the topic, and distill that down to what he actually presents in his talk. He will then post the long-form paper, complete with footnotes, scripture references, and additional in-depth information on his website. We make both the actual talk transcript, as well as the long-form paper, available here in the library.

We hope you enjoy all of the materials we present to you here.


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