The Temple Fund

Work is underway on a temple. It begins with collecting donations to fund the building efforts. There is a committee of women who are working together for this cause, and they have created a website with details about the project and different options for assisting with the efforts.

Click here to view the website of the Temple Fund committee now.

Based on recent remarks from Denver regarding some of the temple failures in Nauvoo, Karen Strong of the Temple Fund committee led a discussion about the Temple Fund with a local fellowship in Utah. The meeting was recorded, and the Temple Fund committee would like to make it available for all who are interested. Here are the relevant links:

Denver’s 18.08.04 Remarks

Karen Strong’s Temple Fund Discussion

Karen Strong’s Talking Points

0 thoughts on “The Temple Fund

    • No. It will be to accomplish the completion of the restoration of all things and to prepare a place where the Lord can come to restore again that which was lost, or which he has taken away, even the fullness of the Priesthood.

  • Sometimes it depends on what browser you are using.
    Google Chrome seems to work better than Firefox or Internet Explorer at displaying popup fields.

    • The link to the temple fund site that we posted should take you to the temple fund site, there they post the ways that you can donate, if I’m not mistaken. I think the easiest way they have to make a donation there is through a GoFundMe project. Here’s the link to the site again:

      • Vickie Bryant says:

        Still every time I go to the linked temple fund site there is no link to donate. All that is on the page is a picture and menu the menu only has home and FAQs . The faq page has no links.
        Is there a link to the go fund me page ?

      • I went to the temple fund website expecting to see two ways to donate. There used to be a link to a site that Q Adolpho was running, but I see nothing about that now. What happened to that site? And what happened to those funds?

        • As far as I know, the site was not renewed when it came time for renewal and is not available anymore. However, the fund does still exist and the Adolpho’s are still collecting and managing that part of things. You would need to reach out to them for additional information about it, if interested.

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