We Reached a Milestone Today

Quietly, and almost unnoticed, the Restoration Archives reached a milestone today.

If you look in the Library area, on the Denver Snuffer page, you’ll notice that everything Denver has ever said publicly, for which we have a recording, has been transcribed and made available to the whole world. Everything, including all of the podcasts.

It has taken thousands of hours of dedicated labor by our amazing teams of volunteers to complete this task, which looked almost insurmountable at first. Many of the transcripts have received multiple passes to increase accuracy as close to 100% as possible, including even the smallest details. And scripture references have been updated to include both LE and RE citations in many cases.

The work continues, as our transcription teams now turn their focus to making additional passes on older material, to bring everything up to current standards. However, for a brief moment, we thought it would be appropriate to pause and take note of the milestone that was reached today.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to all who have assisted, in whatever way, in building the Restoration Archives. It is a meaningful work, and it matters to many people that this part of the Restoration is being carefully and diligently preserved.

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