Book of Mormon Audiobook

In addition to the Denver Snuffer podcast (which is topical) and the Light & Truth podcast (which is Denver’s full-length talks), the Restoration Archives has begun work on another podcast: The Book of Mormon audiobook.

The Book of Mormon Audiobook is the audio version of the Restoration Edition of the Book of Mormon, delivered in podcast format. The podcast format is a particularly nice way to listen because your device can keep track of where you are in the flow, and will enable to you to pause at any time, then pick back up where you left off.

If you would like to subscribe, just search for “Book of Mormon Audiobook” in your favorite podcast app on your phone or other device, or follow this link for additional options.

Would you like to help with this project?

The Restoration Edition of the Book of Mormon is the most complete, most correct, and most accurate iteration of that book that has ever been released. In that light, we are working hard to make the audio recording the best it can be as well – including using different voices for the different authors.

We have already recorded all chapters through the end of Jacob, and we are preparing to move forward through the rest of the book as time allows. If you are interested in participating as one of the readers, please send us a message through the contact page here. We will respond to you with instructions on how to send us a sample of your reading voice for consideration.

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