Teachings of Denver Snuffer Volume 6 – Available Now!

Teachings of Denver Snuffer, Volume 6: 2019 (TDS6) has just been released! It is available in many different formats here: Scriptures.shop

It is also available as a free download here: https://www.restorationarchives.com/library/snuffer.php

This brings us up to the end of 2019 with Denver’s lectures and papers, excepting those delivered to a Christian-focused audience, which are scheduled to be released in the form of a separate book later this year. Regarding Volume 7 (covering 2020-2021), we anticipate that it will be released in 2022.

One day, we will wish we had hit “print” on all of the materials of the Restoration

–Denver Snuffer

The TDS series makes it easy to collect and preserve a library of Denver’s material. Today might be a good day to review your library, and add any missing volumes.

ALSO – if you are aware of any transcripts, audio recordings, papers, or any other public materials that the Archive may not already have, please contact us so we can arrange to include them. Thanks!

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