The Testimony of Jesus: Past, Present, and Future

Denver’s new book is the culmination of five years of outreach to Christians everywhere and is now available on Amazon as a hardback standalone addition to the Teachings of Denver Snuffer series of books. As a comprehensive overview of Christianity, the Reformation, and the Restoration, it is suitable to hand any Christian, or anyone who may be interested in what God is doing today.

From the back cover:

What is Authentic Christianity?

Today there are approximately 40,000 different Christian churches and denominations. If you go back only 500 years, most of what you regard as Christianity would not have existed. If you go back earlier still, your Christian belief (including the current form of Catholicism that is practiced) would be regarded as heretical by the Roman Catholic hierarchy. Merely 500 years ago, the only authorized forms of the Bible were printed in Latin, and they were the exclusive property of a Catholic clergy who taught in Latin. Christians were a group of people who were told what to do, what to believe, and how to regard Christianity.

Unfortunately, the form of Christianity that almost every one of us holds in our hearts and that we look to in faith—believing that it has the power to save—would be regarded throughout the majority of Christian history as heresy, false, and damnable.

Is God the author of such chaos and confusion? 

How do we know which doctrine, belief, or sect is “true,” or are they all wrong? 

If they are all wrong, where is God, and why would He allow that to happen? 

Or perhaps more importantly, if God is not the author of such religious institutions and sects, what has He been up to for hundreds of years? 

This book addresses these and other important questions facing Christians today. Every person committed to following Christ should be interested in learning the surprising answers about what God is doing today to restore truth and make it possible for the world to again practice authentic Christianity.

We hope you’ll share it with everyone interested in learning more about Christ, the coming Zion, and the restoration of authentic Christianity now underway in our time.

-Denver Snuffer

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