Excerpts from the Announcement Regarding the Archives Project

Five families spread out over five different states and fellowships started meeting together this past spring to build a framework under which we could start gathering records. We started researching archiving methods and pondering how we could accomplish the tasks ahead. We talked about what things would need to be preserved and why. We began to build a framework for preserving all of the records we have among ourselves. It was during these early planning stages that we started to realize how large a task this would be, as it became apparent how much we have been given, and are currently receiving, that will need to be preserved through the coming tribulations.

Our goal is to preserve the records and history of the Restoration, which we have divided into four (4) phases:
PHASE 1: The things of Joseph Smith Jr. and Denver Snuffer Jr.
PHASE 2: The records and histories of our general conferences, both past and future
PHASE 3: The records of regional meetings, fellowship activities, youth conferences and other events
PHASE 4: The records, histories, and stories of individuals and families.

In the same way that we have received great gifts of knowledge from generations past, future generations – our posterity – are depending on us to pass along everything we have received that is most precious, that we may fulfill the requirements of the covenant to teach our children to honor God (see Answer and Covenant), and to demonstrate that we love His words (and we would love more of them!).

Part of our efforts is included in the website associated with this blog, www.restorationarchives.com. Here, in this blog, we will keep you up to date on all that is transpiring, all new developments, and any requests for help or assistance that might arise. We encourage all to read this blog and to participate in any way you feel able and comfortable.

Thank you for dropping by!